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I am very pleased to introduce to the world, the B. Hooked Crochet Blog!

Like many of you out there reading this post, I have a huge love for crocheting. I spend nearly all of my free time working on various projects for myself, family and for my new Etsy shop and I love every minute of it. Something else I have come to love in the past several months is Pinterest, but who hasn’t right?!

I thought to myself, how can I blend my two passions, crocheting and social media? That very same day, B. Hooked Crochet was born. A hearty blend of B. Hooked Crochet projects, tutorials and a free patterns here and there is what you’ll find here at the Blog; a plethora of free patterns and inspirations organized by project type are what you’ll find in the Pinterest profile; and a shop full of hand-crocheted items are what you’ll find in the Etsy shop. Basically, I plan to share with the world everything I have learned, been inspired by, and spent countless hours working on through my three favorite online medias, WordPress, Pinterest and Etsy.

Preview some of my current work!

Newborn Button and Lace Hat        Newborn Pom Pom Cap        Beach Inspired Cotton Basket


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. It’s great to see the pieces of this puzzle come together. I have been a pinterest follower and your pins have really helped me. I’m excited to see more posts on here!

  2. Thanks Emily! There will be more posts coming soon, Especially with the launch of the Facebook Page less than a month away. A little bird told me it would be a free pattern!

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